douce / doux

adj (latin Dulcis)

which provides a pleasant sensation to the touch, which provides a pleasant sensation to the taste, which is not too intense, violent or pronounced.

douce ?

Aria Sene is a chef and artist who harmoniously combines these two realms. She perceives gastronomy as a unique form of expression, immersing herself in various culinary cultures while maintaining a pronounced sense for kitsch aesthetics. Through Douce Catering Studio, she merges food and art, providing a platform dedicated to diverse creative initiatives, with the aim of integrating cooking and storytelling.

We look forward to working with you and providing a custom dining experience that will delight your taste buds and senses.

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  • design et conception / customized feast and immersive banquet
  • B2C / private chef, important or unique events
  • B2B / cocktail parties, product launches, cultural events
  • technical catering / film sets catering, crew tables & craft services, photo shoots
  • festivals, pop’ups, street food
  • art direction